A dream comes true in a natural garden

Let’s go to a place where a fairy or an elf could live in every tree, where the air is thick with hazy mist and everything looks like it has been growing there for several hundred years.

To a place where everything grows naturally – and where we can leave a weed, for example, or some fallen autumn leaves unmanaged.

The garden surrounding the villa in Klánovice gives the impression of having grown naturally, just by itself. However, its arrangement has been precisely defined by experienced landscape architects. “My colleague David Horák and I designed the garden in Klánovice as one of our first jobs,” explains the architect Ferdinand Leffler. “Our essential helper and guide during the design and composition of the entire area was adjacent Klánovice Forest with singing birds, the scent of pine needles and majestic trees providing a cool friendly dampness.”

The atmosphere in the garden has even been enhanced by some picturesque corners and flower beds full of colourful flowers whose scent mixes with that of just-served afternoon tea in the summer. The architects have managed to very tastefully incorporate a “stylishly” conceived blue bower into this mood. The owners of the garden can spend quiet moments alone there, while nothing will interfere with the homely atmosphere due to blanking of the gazebo from the surrounding garden.


“A big family lives here and we therefore thought about how to also incorporate some children’s features into an otherwise very distinctive area”, explains Leffler. In addition to the playground which is naturally joined by a climbing wall, the landscape architects created a statue of bee in association with the sculptor Rosťa Župka, which has been appropriately complemented by placing of an old beehive right in the middle of a blossoming meadow. According to the architects, it was also very important to integrate a herb-bed into the composition, which also enhances some kind of feeling of well-being. Harmonics and dynamically impressive evergreen plants have also been used, for example a motif of a heath cage and birches.

The herb-bed was one of the key elements in this implementation. It enhances the homely atmosphere of the garden.


The landscape architect, Ferdinand Leffler, praised the cooperation with the client highly. “It was all about the feeling and nothing but the feeling. Today, we are friends and we sometimes enjoy a toast of a great wine together on the house’s brick terrace and remember some of the stories about how we created this garden.“ The architect Leffler also took into account the question of the subsequent care for the garden, something which is just as important to its inhabitants as the implementation itself. And so, the garden has been virtually maintenance-free for six years, except for mowing the lawn. “It is important to realize that, if you create a natural style, themed garden, it should include some room for nature – some sprouting weeds or fallen autumn leaves. Your overall feeling should be not interfered with.” Thanks to that, this garden blooms and smells inviting to both its owners and visitors and it is a nice place to be in every season of the year. It is also a space where the owner would not hesitate to place some distinctive details such as drinking fountain with a bird or other flower pots overflowing with greenery.

Not only the choice of a „peculiar greenery“, but also old railway sleepers could contribute to an „ancient atmosphere“.


The minor building elements in the garden, however, are far from having a purely decorative function. “We knew from the very beginning that we wanted to re-use some old building materials, whether they were railway sleepers or recycled burnt bricks creating the driveway space for the house,“ explains Ferdinand Leffler. “We wanted to be sure that each material would be precisely used, chosen and applied. So that we could create a truly believable illusion of the original space.” Therefore, the garden does not include any plastic elements, even though the presence of children could maybe sometimes require this a little bit, as the architects wanted to maintain good contact with nature around the home.

Therefore, the whole garden is a space where the users can also express themselves later. “They live with the space of their garden and not only do they have a real relationship with it, but they also look forward to it, because they are not its “slaves”. Moreover, it encourages their imagination. For they have plenty of opportunities here to create their own ideas and dreams. They can take off their shoes anytime and enjoy its cool grass barefoot and undisturbed,” explains Ferdinand Leffler.

The garden includes some recycled materials, such as old bricks which are used on the driveway.

Ferdinand Leffler | Flera Studio

Ferdinand Leffler

Ferdinand Leffler is a garden architect and designer and the founder of the Flera studio. He selects careful, reliable and creative architects for his team. He will help you to come up with a garden which is made to measure to meet your requirements and needs and so that you feel good in it: “We are advocates of the fact that the architecture of a property should express a story which has a beginning, gradation and a point… The garden should arise from the consistent interconnection of all the elements, functions and motifs which the client’s requirements bring to it and it should have a single author.

Bydlení Stavby Reality | Atelier Flera

Source: Bydlení Stavby Reality | 03/2011
Text: Ferdinand Leffler
Foto: Atelier Flera

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