An impressive garden

An impressive garden is vast and beautiful, mostly somewhere between a garden and a park. Enjoy the majestic, magical, welcoming and somewhat mysterious atmosphere!

The choice of the landscape architect was based on a small private competition. As well as an interesting portfolio and competence, the applicants also had to demonstrate some quick-wittedness and creativity. These demanding criteria were eventually met by the landscape architect, Ferdinand Leffler, and his FLERA studio.


The owner did not have a clear idea for the garden. The landscape architect recalls: “It was a kind of game for him and one of many projects which he had started. He did not hesitate to demolish what had been built and to move what had been established. No matter what, he wanted the result to be an impressive garden. Our advantage was that we were on the same wavelength after just a few meetings

and our work began to be about confidence. I find this moment to be very important. I understood what his main idea for the area was and tried to reconcile his wishes with the possibilities for realization which would satisfy both of us. I think that we managed to do this, although we worked very quickly.”

Increased irrigation system and a gardener’s careful hand help to maintain new plantings under fully grown trees.

A struggle for trees

The land on which the opulent villa grew up was originally planted with spruce. Some majestic oaks and beeches also grew among them, here and there. “We started a detailed survey of the condition of plants on land,” continued Ferdinand Leffler. “We chose plants which would be valuable for the project. The owner did not originally want to preserve so many trees, but he eventually gave in to our arguments. But it was quite a difficult struggle.”

The slope above the house is supported by massive stone walls forming several terraces. Once they have grown, the currently young plants will soften the effect of the stone walls.

The new proposal therefore mostly reckoned with mature trees. Some paths, sculptures, terraces, trellises and lighting have also been added. The element of water element is represented by waterfalls and a pond. An automatic irrigation system takes care of the lawns and the plantings have prospered well. “The investor wanted to have some statues on his land, namely lions and gladiators.” Nevertheless, the garden architect did not give in and after a long struggle he succeeded in finding and contacting the sculptor, Saša Zahradník, who makes forest nymphs. “They completely enchanted us and fortunately we were able to get the owner enthusiastic about them too.“

The sensitive selection and placement of the sculptures by the sculptor Saša Zahradník added a kind of friendly artistic dimension to the space.

Stone excavated on site during the construction of the house was used for the construction of the rockery as well for the edge of the pond. This is always an ideal condition for an implementation, because it not only saves costs, but this sort of stone also naturally matches given environment.

All the selected plant species and the materials for the individual components are a successful compromise between the requirement for exclusiveness and the necessity to place it all in a purely natural environment. Please note the path to the wooden terrace and the informally arranged flower beds, where any use of stainless steel or designer tiles would have been detrimental.

The terrace located above the pond provides views in all directions allowing you to perfectly enjoy the vastness of the space and its varied transformation.

The planting

“We tried to add a kind of park value to the land with the new plantings.” A large amount of deciduous trees were added in order to lighten and humanise all that space. The selection of the species under the fully grown trees was considerably challenging. “The competition of roots, shadows and the existing ecologically balanced community of plants require an intelligent and humble approach. We have successively added undergrowth species, which are theoretically able to grow there naturally too. At the same time, however, the investor required extreme formality, so the boxwood is a sort of compromise and we are wondering how it will prosper there.“

You can even find a lush lawn in some places under fully grown trees, but it is unnatural vegetation so its maintenance depends on careful watering as well of the supply of nutrients. The implementation lasted about eight months. The gardening company modelled the terrain, laid irrigation and power lines, made paths, paved surfaces, etc. This was then followed by the planting, the placement of the sculptures and finally the lawn cover. The size of the garden means that it requires regular maintenance. This is the task of the gardener. Thanks to all that, this particular garden is impressive in every season, which is what the investor wished from the very beginning.

The owner requested that the entrance to the garden should be very formal as well as representative. The landscape architect chose generous classic beds of roses in the shape of a circle lined with shaped boxwood hedges.

Ferdinand Leffler | Flera Studio

Ferdinand Leffler

Ferdinand Leffler is a garden architect and designer and the founder of the Flera studio. He selects careful, reliable and creative architects for his team. He will help you to come up with a garden which is made to measure to meet your requirements and needs and so that you feel good in it: “We are advocates of the fact that the architecture of a property should express a story which has a beginning, gradation and a point… The garden should arise from the consistent interconnection of all the elements, functions and motifs which the client’s requirements bring to it and it should have a single author.

Source: Pekné bývanie

Text: Monika Králová, Photo: Atelier Flera

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