Trends in garden architecture for 2016

We bring you the trends in garden architecture for 2016, in which not just about planting areas around houses, but primarily it is really a very important pleasurable life in the family home. Continue reading →

Garden of the Decade

Support Flera Studio with just one click on Garden of the Decade competition. Your voice may lead to our victory, it is all in your hands! Continue reading →

Zábavná zahrada | Home Architect

A garden should not only be beautiful, but also fun!

What do you imagine if you hear the word „garden“? Maybe someone mostly beds full of flowers and trees, some other sitting in the shade of a pergola, others perhaps a football match with their children on the lawn... But our co-worker, a landscape architect Ferdinand Leffler, will imagine all together. His brain is going at full blast and he churns out more and more great ideas, which would probably never come to your mind. Be inspired! Continue reading →

Zahradní trendy 2013 Home Architect

Garden trends in 2013

The garden architecture has also its icons. One of them is the fair Chelsea Flower Show, where make landscape architects and designers from around the world annually a date. Even our co-worker, architect Ferdinand Leffler, is no exception; that is why we can you briskly serve now some titbits, what the last year has brougt into their heads. Continue reading →

Jak naplánovat zahradu Home Architect

How to plan your garden

Landscape architect Ferdinand Leffler accompanies us in through the story of a garden establishment from the very first decision till the its final implementation. We asked him in this issue, what all we should expect, what all should be concerned when planning a garden, where it is possible to accept a compromise and where it is much better to insist on your intention, or not to be too thrifty. Continue reading →

Selected article

Na rande se zahradním architektem, Home Architect

On the first date with a landscape architect

How to choose the „right“ architect who will be best able to materialize your ideas and wishes. Now comes the first working meeting. The landscape architect Ferdinand Leffler will now tell you what you require from your garden, and advise you how it should look the very first meeting with a landscape architect.

Selected testimonials

Karel J. Gabriel

The FLERA work team managed to conjure up an intimate and very practical garden for a small hotel in the city centre which we were finishing at that time. - all testimonials

Mr. Karel J. Gabriel