Garden of the Decade

ZAHRADA DESETILETÍ (Garden of the Decade) is a unique contest, organized by the Svaz zakládání a údržby zeleně (SZÚZ). Atelier Flera decided to enter the competition with the Vonoklasy garden project, instead of trendy rooftop gardens which is the winner of the Zahrada roku 2014 (Garden of the Year 2014). Vonoklasy garden project finished second but better reflects the timeless philosophy of the studio.

Garden of the Decade | Flera Studio

We would like to ask all our fans and supporters to give us just one click on the competition inquiry form. This way you will not only help us, but can also affect the overall ranking of the competition garden! Your voice may lead to our victory, it is all in your hands!

Garden of the Decade


Garden of the Decade | Studio

You can vote HERE at the official website. Click on the 3 stars button next to our competition project.

Garden of the Decade | Flera Studio

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You can find complete photo gallery HERE.

Garden Of The Year 2014 – Silver Medal, Natural Garden | Flera Studio

Garden Of The Year 2014 – Silver Medal, Natural Garden | Flera Studio

Garden Of The Year 2014 – Silver Medal, Natural Garden | Flera Studio

Garden Of The Year 2014 – Silver Medal, Natural Garden | Flera Studio


SZÚZ prepared a unique contest poll ZAHRADA DESETILETÍ in which professional gardeners and public can vote for one out of eighteen nonimated gardens based on their success in the ZAHRADA DESETILETÍ (Garden of the Decade) competition. The aim of the survey is to present the public with a well-designed and realized gardens, map the trends in the creation of gardens in the past decade and to find out what types of gardens are now popular.
Voting will commence on April 1 on the Web site where creators represent their gardens. The organizers will announce the results of the survey in mid-June as part of Open Gardens Weekend. For more visit the official ZAHRADA DESETILETÍ (Garden of the Decade).

Our success?

Flera Studio has already participated in several competitions and won many awards in the field of landscape architecture.
In connection with the ZAHRADA DESETILETÍ (Garden of the Decade) it is worth mentioning participation in the prestigious Zahrada roku (Garden of the Year). Flera Studio first participated in 2013, finishing third with a garden in Horni Mecholupy and the next year we won the first and second prize at Zahrada roku 2014 (Garden of the Year 2014).

Garden of the Decade | Flera Studio

Ferdinand Leffler | Atelier Flera

Ferdinand Leffler

Ferdinand Leffler is a landscape architect as well a designer; he is the founder of the FLERA studio. He chooses his co-worker very careful as reliable and creative landscape architects.
He is able to help you figure out your garden so that it will be tailored to suit all your requirements and needs, just to make it you will feel comfortable in:„We advocate that the individual landscape architecture should express some sort of a story that includes beginning, gradation and punchline… This kind of of a garden should be consistent in my opinion linking all features, functions and themes that are given by the individual requirements of the client, as well it should have an integrated manuscript.“

Selected article

Zábavná zahrada | Home Architect

A garden should not only be beautiful, but also fun!

What do you imagine if you hear the word „garden“? Maybe someone mostly beds full of flowers and trees, some other sitting in the shade of a pergola, others perhaps a football match with their children on the lawn… But our co-worker, a landscape architect Ferdinand Leffler, will imagine all together. His brain is going at full blast and he churns out more and more great ideas, which would probably never come to your mind. Be inspired!

Selected testimonials

Zahrada Sokoleč, Sipajdovi

Spending the time in the new garden we remember our cooperation with the FLERA studio feeling a deep satisfaction. - all testimonials

Family of Sipajda