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Thanks to my work, study and explorative travels, which have led me to countries with deep garden architecture traditions, I have come to realise how important personal contact and often long meetings between the architect, the owner and the future users are. In Britain, it is quite common, if your garden architect moves in with you for a few days, so he can better understand your daily rituals, demands and the rhythm of your life. Don´t worry, I am not going to move into your place (only, if you insisted on it), but for all that you should know, that I will fully respect the character and individuality of your family when planning your garden spaces.

The particular parts of the project and how I prepare them:


The measurement of the particular ground layout, drawn in an understandable scale. Photographic documentation of the specific situation.


Once you have told us your ideas and wishes, we will try to respond to them with so-called inspiration sheets, where we make use of atmospheres, colours and feelings in an attempt to find a way to allow your wishes to resonate well.


The study of the suggested solutions – usually there are several of them, but they are there to help us decide what the distribution of the material and surfaces will look like.

Dubeč – garden concept

Dolní Chabry – garden concept

Hanspaulka – garden concept

Horní Počernice – garden concept


You will get a much better view of reality, of the more debatable and complicated spatial moments in the garden, if I draw them up.

Kozly – garden vizualization

Točná – garden vizualization

Bezděkov – garden vizualization

Hanspaulka – garden vizualization

Teracce vizualization

Teracce vizualization

Garden vizualization

Garden vizualization


The planting plan – the accurate specifications of the used plant materials and their position. I will be only satisfied, when I see that your garden will be “living” all year round and that its variability will be a never-ending source of joy for you.

Garden plantation plan

Garden plantation plan


The clear specification of the designed individual elements in your garden’s new architecture requires the preparation of highly precise documents from the point of view of both the dimensions and the technology used during the realisation. Only then can we find a reliable and serious supplier for the realisation of the specific project.

Bike box vizualization

Wood house vizualization

Technical detail of construction into gabion

Technical detail of flower pot

Technical detail of pergola

Technical detail of fence

Technical detail of water feature

Technical detail of summer-house


The textual section of the project – the description of the actual situation and locality, the description of the suggested technological actions during the realisation, the character of the suggested plants and materials, the recommended care of the new plants.


The summary of the realisation costs according to the high quality companies in the competition.

Projekt zahrady | Atelier Flera

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Our very first meeting - as well the following ones – was a flowery concert full of fragrant descriptive ideas on what my “private oasis” could look like and how it could bloom, impress. - all testimonials

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